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Digital Building Blocks APS

The Birth

Digital Bulding Blocks is an Association founded and handled by managers who apply and benefit from the use of the homonymous methodology in the management of the Digital environment in their daily activity.  

International Gurus and big consulting firms offer you
large multi-year innovation projects, with myriad consultants
senior and junior who should be working alongside. 

But we don't think this is the right way, we believe YOU are the manager or the entrepreneur to drive the process and guide the digital transformation in your company.

As entrepreneurs, we think we can help you build effective models,
because too often in Italy consultancy and research are purely academic and far from the ground where companies operate.

Come join us!

Digital Building Blocks APS is a social promotion association founded by managers using the Digital Building Blocks methodology.

It takes inspiration from the changes affecting business activities (many call it Digital Transformation) and has an ambitious vision: to prepare the next generation of managers in Italy.

How? By promoting openness to change, the spirit of initiative and proactivity in the experienced manager, through moments of meeting and sharing and thanks to the creation of an ecosystem, complementary to the traditional ones (we are open to any form of collaboration with existing institutions and associations), where everyone can be an active part and author of the change.

To this purpose, Digital Building Blocks is committed to raising awareness of Associations, Institutions, Federations and all those who share its values, in order to develop in the manager a mentality and an attitude that includes openness, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to learn and manage projects in the digital field.

All key and necessary competences to face an increasingly dynamic and evolving world of work.

The activities are reserved for members who share the statutory aims. Do you want to be part of it?


What we do 

  • Digital events all over the Italian territory 
  • Webinars for professionals 
  • Blog with 200+ articles on digital topics
  • Digital Innovation Tour in Dublin and London 

Would you like to become a member of the Association?


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Success Stories 

Learn from those who are driving the change

Only through exchange is possible to understand the new scenario.
Get inspired with us.
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